Review of the 2011 Think City

A Household with multiple Electric Vehicles (EVs) – The 2011 Th!nk City in a 2012 LEAF Home

by: Dave Glotfelty

I have two new drivers in my family, and four drivers total.  We recently purchased a 2012 Nissan LEAF (“Leaf”), which we love, but with other cars failing and new drivers in the house, it was time for another new car.

The 2012 Leaf that we bought in December 2011 has spoiled me.  Although I am a big guy – six foot tall – I am still generally comfortable with small cars.  The Leaf is bigger than a small car, and is technically in the midsize class – it’s very roomy, and I find it very comfortable and relaxing to drive.   The Bluetooth, Navigation system, Charging Station Locator, and backup camera are all very useful tools and fun to play with.  And best of all – there is NO GAS!  I pay only about three cents per mile for electricity.
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