Our Famous Electric Vehicle Information Sheet – This sheet contains current information on electric vehicles tailored to the Washington, DC area, including available production vehicles, incentives, benefits, charging information and a local map of public charging stations, all on one printable page!  Great for handing out at meetings or events, or to interested parties.  Contact us for bulk orders on high-quality glossy paper for larger events.




















Electric Vehicle Information Sheet (PDF)

2011-2015 Used Nissan Leaf Features – Shopping for a used Nissan Leaf?  Only have pictures of a particular car on the web?  Oftentimes, dealers may not know whether or not a particular used Leaf has DC Quickcharging, 3.3 kW vs. 6.6 kW Level 2 charging, or resistive vs. heat pump heating, but they do have photos.  Here’s a handy guide that shows you what to look for to determine which of these options a particular car has or doesn’t have.

used leaf










2011-2015 Used Nissan Leaf Features

This tri-fold brochure includes information about EVA/DC, including members, events, benefits, FAQ, and a membership form.  Great for handing out at EVA/DC group and other EVents.

EVA/DC tri-fold flyer with registration form (PDF)

10 Common EV Myths Tired of listening to the usual mis-informed “conventional wisdom” about EV’s?  Respond with this handy guide to 10 common myths about EV’s.

10 Myths

10 Common EV Myths (PDF)


Debunking the Myth of EVs and Smokestacks by Chip Gribben
Detailed analysis on how EV’s, run even on todays’s grid, are cleaner than ICE cars.  Great introduction to this subject

Debunking the Myth of EVs and Smokestacks (PDF)

This table compares the five year total cost of ownership of the all-electric Nissan LEAF and comparable gasoline vehicles; the Toyota Matrix and Toyota Prius. All vehicles are model year 2013.  Customize it to your own purchase comparison.


Purchase and Ownership Cost Comparisons

Links on Converting your tired old gasser to a rejuventaed zero-emission torque-monster.

Building an EV Resources



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