EV’s at the Women’s March on Washington

Event Details

EV Drivers wanted for The Women’s March on Washington, Saturday, 21 January, to
show sustainable transportation to large crowds and for shuttling handicapped from Union Station
and RFK parking lots down to the Mall.

530yWomen’s March transportation organizers are now actively working to include volunteer EV’s as shuttles from Union Station and maybe RFK down to the march in the morning and from the end point back to those places in the afternoon.

As of now, they suggest two shifts.  A morning shift and an afternoon shift: to spread out the load and/or allow time to charge a few hours in the middle.

This is a great opportunity for us to offer EV exposure to the public.  Generally, we will take the same route as bus shuttles and just pickup and drop off anyone needing a ride.  We will have signs that get us into the pickup and drop off areas (and also ID us as EV’s)

EVADC member Bob Bruninga is organizing the effort, and will collect the names of volunteers.  We are also looking for EV charging locations that would provide convenient charging, including home charging, such as those found on PlugShare.

If interested, see http://aprs.org/wmow.html or contact him directly at bruninga@usna.edu

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