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Why should I drive an Electric Vehicle?

Performance – Instant torque and quick acceleration makes driving fun again.
Silent and Smooth – Electric motor is whisper quiet with no vibration.
Practicality – Range exceeds most daily needs of 40 miles. No warm up needed.
Reliability – Simple drivetrain has few moving parts to repair or replace.
Better Fuel Economy – Go 100 miles on $4 of electricity. 4 cents per mile!
National Security – Use domestically produced electricity instead of foreign oil.
Clean Energy – Electricity can be made from clean, renewable fuel sources.

Where do Electric Vehicles charge?
1. Primarily at home overnight, using surplus electricity.
2. At one of many public charging stations in the area, and at work.
3. Soon at a fast charger along interstate highways.

How long does it take to fully charge?
Level 1: 120V AC, charge overnight.
Level 2: 240V AC, charge in 3-5 hours.
Fast Charge: 480V DC, charge in 25 minutes.
* Actual time depends on vehicle, charge rate, battery size, state of charge and other factors.

How much does charging add to a home’s electric bill?
About $40 to drive 1000 miles / month.

What are the tax incentives for purchasing a new EV?
Federal: Up to $7500 Tax Credit.
DC: Exemption from excise tax imposed on original certificate of title.
Reduced vehicle registration fee of $36.
Maryland: Up to $2000 Excise Tax Credit.
EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) Tax Credit – 20% of cost up to $400.
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Exemption through Sep. 2013.
Virginia: Reduced personal property tax in Arlington and Loudon counties.
Discounted electricity rates for off-peak residential EV charging.
* Consult your tax professional.

What if Iā€™m interested in trying an Electric Vehicle?
Ask around, you may know someone with an EV.
Go to a local dealer and test drive an electric car.
Rent an electric car for a few hours or a week.
Attend an EVA/DC meeting or event.

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