There are over 700 public charging stations in the DC & Baltimore area!  See map below.

Federal workplace charging: several federal facilities have charging stations available for personal use.

This map is courtesy of PlugShare, a crowd-sourced application where people can add, review and comment on public and private charging stations.

PlugShareEVSE20140410 Some public charging stations may require use of an RFID card which is obtained by opening an account with the charging station network provider.  The cost to use the station is set by the station operator.  Some stations are free to use, and others charge fees up to $2.50 / hr or $0.49 / kWh.

The most popular charging station networks in the DC / Baltimore area are:

An EV owner may wish to sign up with each of these networks to take advantage of their local charging stations.  The networks commonly provide internet tools and smartphone applications to locate stations.