January 2014 Minutes

Called to order 7:10, with standard room introductions and immediate pizza and drinks.

One introduction was longtime EVADC member Mindy Kimball, visiting from Phoenix.  Mindy has the only Smart ED in Arizona (brought from California)… and a utility headache, with lobbyists and astroturfers trying to beat back home solar installations.  However, she does have a Time-Of-Use rate of under a penny a kWh at night.

The Tesla Model S has become the #1 selling car in Norway.  Not #1 electric… #1 car.

Two representatives of Riide brought their prototype e-bike.  Amber Wason and Jeff Stefanis showed a running, steel prototype of their $1799 aluminum machine.  Good systems engineering means this beats e-bikes now on the market; I’ll go into more detail on that.  Riide is funded but accepting more Kickstarter contributions before production begins.  After the meeting, some took a demo ride.

Josh Goldman of the Union of Concerned Scientists spoke on their recent EV survey.  The UCS is proposing halving our oil consumption; while the improved mileage standard certainly helps, consumer adoption of EVs would save over a million barrels a day.  Not gallons, barrels.  A day.  While the limiting factor was a home parking space with outlet, that still left 42% of households EV-eligible; range is already practical now. Continue reading

2014 International Motorcycle Show

The 2014 Motorcycle Show is now running at the DC Convention Center, through 5:00 Sunday evening. The only EV manufacturer with a booth is Zero; BRD is still finalizing their Redshift, and Lightning and Mission are apparently still in custom territory. Still, Zero was well represented, with street, sport, and dirt offerings. I spoke with Mike and Kevin about 2014. Model Year 2013 saw dramatic improvements through the range, and the introduction of the FX (“stealth fighter”); this year’s crop is much less of a jump.

All models saw some improvement, but the big news is the Zero SR. While built on the S (street) platform and outwardly resembling it, the SR is no utility vehicle. The bike claims a 0-60 time in the 3 second range, sources vary. Forks and shocks are higher-spec; accordingly, the footpegs are, literally, higher.444d Continue reading

EVA of DC Holiday Party Announcement


EVADC Holiday Party is on Dec. 18th, from 7pm-9:30pm. Details will be purposefully left off this public announcement.

Check your inbox for an invite and all the details to the Electric Vehicle Associations 2013 Holiday Party.  Please contact Charlie Garlow to R.S.V.P 202-564-1088 and we still need people to volunteer to help bring this event off without a hitch.  If anyone has any cooking skills please contact Charlie.

EVADC November Officer Election Results

EVADC would like to announce the following winners of the November elections.

Your 2013-2014 EVADC elected officers are as follows

President: Charlie Garlow

Vice President: Rob Neighbour

Treasurer: Scott Wilson

Secretary: Rene Carlos

Editor: Ron Kaltenbaugh

We allowed voting in person at the main November meeting and a roll call was taken, those that voted in person were not sent an e-mail invite to vote in our first online voting effort. We sent out 66 invites to vote online to those dues paying members that did not vote in person. Of those 66 we had 21 who responded and voted online.

How the vote was determined  Continue reading

November 13th, Silver Spring Meeting Agenda

Hi Electric Vehicle boosters and EVADC members,

Tonight, Wed Nov 13 is our monthly meeting of EVADC. 7 – 9 PM at the Silver SPring public library, where we frequently meet. 8901 Colesville Road, also known as Route 29, just inside the Beltway about 4 blocks and just a 4 block walk north of the Silver Spring METRO stop.
This is the 2nd Wed of the month, unlike our normal 3rd Wed of the month. I’m sorry if this causes confusion for some.

Please pass the word to your friends, listservs, etc. Invite them to join the excitement of EVs !
Pizza and beverages will be served, as usual.

Draft Agenda. I hope we get to discuss all these topics. There will be plenty of time before and after the meeting for “networking” and visiting with others.

Officer nominations/ elections. We have previously asked for nominees for our officers and will ask again at our meeting if there are any other people who would like to be nominated, or if you would like to nominate someone. So far, the following folks have been nominated:
President – Charlie Garlow
Vice President – Eric Cardwell, Rob Neighbour, Jeffrey Jacobs. Eric is currently serving as our VP, but he told us that he will be leaving for TN in the Spring.
Secretary – ? John Alder has been serving as our Secy, but it is not clear if he can attend our meetings.
Treasurer – Scott Wilson
Editor – Ron Kaltenbaugh.
We may attempt to include electronic ballots for those not able to attend in person.

Holiday party decisions. Date. Place need to be determined, SOON. Semaconnect in Bowie, MD, has graciously agreed to host us again this year. They have lots of chargers. But do we want to mix it up and go to a new location? The 3rd Wed is Dec 18.

EV DC Grand Prix high school races. Our local schools swept the national races in California, so the enthusiasm locally is building. What role does EVADC want to play? Global EEE and Nabih would like to hold the races in April this year. Location? Finances?

8 state MOU on EVs. Jill Sorensen has news and can explain what MD and other states have planned.

Charging locations/ issues. The NY Times article featuring our own Bob Bruninga.

Power of DC drag/ auto cross races. We need a trail boss.
NEDRA excitement. News from Chip.

Lessons learned from the e-Porsche meltdown

UCS happy hour in Baltimore follow up
Meet ups. other EVents
DC Auto show 2014. Who will be trail boss?
Other topics What about those burning Teslas?

See you there !!
Charlie Garlow and our merry band of volunteers.

October 2013 Minutes

Oct. 16th meeting started at 7:45

After usual introductions and meeting of new attendees.
Reports from National Plug-in Day. Jeffrey Jacobs reported Herndon, VA NPID event had 48-45 vehicles ranging from 15+ Model S and Roadsters, Audi Etron, Fisker, and the GM Volts which had the most in attendance.

Annapolis, MD, had 10-11 EVs, possible bigger event next year or also several throughout the year. 30 possible shore power plugs available. Need to arrive earlier next year to avoid headache with Corvette club. Continue reading

October 2013 Meeting Agenda

Agenda for EVADC Monthly Meeting, Oct 16, 2013 7 – 9 PM
Meeting location: WHITE OAK, MD public library.
Note this is NOT the Silver Spring, MD public library where we often have our meeting location.  The WHITE OAK public library is on New Hampshire Ave just north of the intersection with Route 29 Colesville Road, on the right hand side of New Hampshire going north.  We have met here before in August of this year. Plenty of parking in the rear.
See you there !
1.National Plug in Day. How did it go? Better than ever !! Reports from all locations.Many thanks to all those who helped in so many ways.
2. Special invited guest from Groundswell.org regarding offer of renewable energy.
3. Discussion of upcoming November election of officers. Appointment of a nominating committee.
4. EV Grand Prix high school races in California. Our East Coast racers did great!
5. Tour of Solar Homes & EVs. Report from those who went/showed.
6.  Upcoming events. Holiday Party. Auto Show. EV Grand Prix?
7. News on who got a new EV. What new EVs are coming to market? Tesla opening a store in Virginia?
8. Update on charging locations at work, at public facilities.
9. Other agenda items.
Charlie Garlow, President
Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington DC
Networking before and after the official meeting hours. Food and beverage will be available, as usual.

National Plug-in Day EVents Sept. 28th and 29th

**We are constantly updating this information so check back often**


National Plug-in Day is just around the corner and EVADC invites you to come out and see all the different kinds of plug-in electric vehicles and ask those that drive them every day any question you may have. We are here to show and explain the benefits of driving electric.




College Park, MD: 10am –2pm, MD Volt Inc. has partnered with MOM’s Organic Market to host National Plug In Day (NPID). MOMs will be hosting cookouts, ride & drives, free giveaways, award presentations and more.


Timonium, MD: 10am -2pm, MD Volt Inc. has partnered with MOM’s Organic Market to host National Plug In Day (NPID). MOMs will be hosting cookouts, ride & drives, free giveaways, award presentations and more.


Waldorf, MD: 10am -2pm, MD Volt Inc. has partnered with MOM’s Organic Market to host National Plug In Day (NPID). MOMs will be hostin
g cookouts, ride & drives, free giveaways, award presentations and more.


Herndon, VA: 10am -2pm, MD Volt Inc. has partnered with MOM’s Organic Market to host National Plug In Day (NPID). MOMs will be hosting cookouts, ride & drives, free giveaways, award presentations and more.
Baltimore, MD:
Maryland Science Center: 2 PM to 6 PM, General Motors will be displaying a Spark EV in front of the Maryland Science Center as they open the new exhibit, Mummies of the World.


Electric Vehicle Institute, Camden Yards in the Community Booth 5:30pm -?pm  Celebrating NPID the perfect opportunity to enjoy a ballgame, meet EV owners and learn all about electric cars!


Annapolis, MD: 10AM-3PM The city dock in Downtown Annapolis will be the host to the Annapolis Plug In Day Event on Sunday September 29 between 10 AM and 3 PM. In addition to displays of owner’s Plug In Hybrids,  Electric EV’s, and Electric Bicycles, educational materials will be included to inform both adults and youngsters about the science of electric vehicles and their advantages over other forms of energy.

Manassas, VA: 2 PM to 8 PM, The Bad Wolf Brewing Company will be hosting NPID activities.

Downtown D.C. 3rd street NW: 7am to 5pm
Nissan has proudly sponsored EVADC’s 2013 NPID! Nissan will be present with Leaf’s and information!


Join us Sunday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m on 3rd street at the National Mall, we will have electric vehicles stretching from 3rd and Pennsylvania to 3rd and Independence ave.  We will have several speakers present from 1pm – 2pm about the plug-in vehicle industry and how plug-ins are beneficial for multiple reasons and also debunk a lot of the anti-EV falsehoods that perpetuated by those that would profit from the failure of EVs.
npid_flyer_webWe will have several tents set up on the corner of the mall at 3rd street with information and lots of electric vehicles and everyday drivers.  Possible EV ride and drives from various EV manufactures. Light refreshments. Click on the flyer to download a PDF version.
Ford as confirmed interest in having several plugin vehicles available for ride and drive!
Hope to see you there!


 UPDATE: Our permit for 3rd Street and Pennsylvania Ave has been approved and all systems are go!  Please look over the 3rd street map below for parking areas. Sorry there is no charging at the exact location due to security reasons.  Check back here for any future updates.





Any questions can be directed to
Eric Cardwell 865-455-8791

September Minutes

September 11, 2013 meeting of  EVADC

Notes by Dennis Dineen  – Ad Hoc ­­secretary:

Meeting called to order about 7:15 pm


The first ~45 minutes consisted of self-introductions of visitors followed by  miscellaneous and wide ranging discussions of various subjects and items related to electric vehicles.  Bruce Cohan ( a visitor) made an appeal to the group for help with the funding to help pay for the shipping  of three electric Jr. grand prix cars to California.  At approximately 8pm the discussion turned to the subject of the $6,000. grant from Nissan motors.  President  Charlie Garlow read the contract  listing the requirements  that Nissan expected of EVADC .  Charlie explained that the actions required by Nissan were fairly simple, inexpensive and not very strict. Continue reading

EVADC meeting is Wed Sept 11, not Sept 18 at Silver Spring public library

Dear Electric Vehicle fans and members of EVADC,
My apologies for the confusion about meeting dates for this month of September.
Normally, we hold our meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, but in the case of September, we had reserved the SECOND Tuesday, Sept 11, tomorrow, as the time when the Silver SPring library had a room available for us.  We made these reservations six months ago, and I just forgot, so I am sending you this notice of meeting a little later than I would prefer.
EVADC Meeting will be held TOMORROW, Sept 11, 2013, not Sept 18,  at the usual time 7 – 9 PM with plenty of time before and afterwards for networking/chatting.
Location” Silver Spring public library, where we frequently meet. 8901 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD, just a few blocks inside the Beltway, south on Colesville Road, aka Rt 29 exit from the Beltway.  Or just 5 blocks walk north from the Silver Spring METRO stop.
Draft Agenda:
1. National Plug in Day. Saturday and Sunday Sept 28 and 29. Finalize details/arrangements.  Discuss the generous $6,000 grant from Nissan to promote NPID, and how we should spend it.  I hope that we can have a vote on this financial transaction at the meeting, to be followed by electronic voting by those who could not attend in person.  We have not done electronic voting yet, so this will be a good chance to decide on which system to experiment with and try it out.  Both Yahoo and Survey Monkey have been suggested.  We need a better software package to manage our members list.
2. Labor Day Parade. John Lippert and others in attendance will tell us how that went.
3. Tour of Solar Homes coming up Oct 5 & 6.  Who can show their EV at a solar home?
4.  EV Grand Prix.  Bruce Cohen will tell us about his extra efforts trying to find funding for the high school teams to go to California.  We thank you Bruce for your valiant efforts.
5.  Charlie’s e-Porsche had a melt down. Lessons learned.
6. Meetups. How did they go?
7. Chip Gribben’s lithium battery purchase.
8. Power of DC.
9. Bryan Murtha has resigned as our Treasurer after 6 years of service. Thank you, Bryan.  He recognizes that we have a lot of new members with lots of energy and seeks to pass the baton.  Who would be willing to take on these duties, and how do we decide if we have more than one volunteer?  It needs to be someone who attends regularly and who is dependable and good with numbers.
10.Other agenda items that may occur to us.
See you tomorrow !
Charlie Garlow, President, EVADC and all the dynamite volunteers we have who make our EVADC strong.