UMD Solar Charging

UMD logoSpeaking of the University of Maryland… The College Park Campus, already well-represented in the area’s charging count, just won’t stop.  Three parking structures will not only install more EVSEs, but solar canopies to power those charging spaces.  The campus as a whole already runs a solar “farm” nearby, as well as buying solar and wind credits.  Then in late 2016, the Terrapin Trail, Regents Drive, and Mowatt Lane Garages will be powered by solar roofs.  The coverage won’t just shade vehicles and provide EV power; the three canopies will send surplus power to other campus buildings.

This is all in addition to American University and GWU producing or buying a majority of their electricity from new solar ventures, and Catholic University’s onsite arrays.  UMD has more charging, but theirs is a suburban campus of course.  American and GWU have their own Metro stops and bikeshare racks, and each still has a token EVSE.

Feb 18 EVADC Meeting at Rockville Memorial Library

The Feb meeting of EVADC will be at the Rockville Memorial Library:

Our meeting room is on the ground floor.  Walk in the front door by the skating rink, and the room is to your immediate right.

As for parking, there are meters on the street, a shopping center parking lot north of Beall Ave (free, but signed as shopping center use only, use at your own risk), or paid parking garages A and B.

The 240V charger is in Garage A (so labeled on Plugshare  This is the green garage.  If you’re not charging, use either green garage A or red garage B.  There is one J1772 in garage A and two marked spaces, so people may possibly switch the charger between cars during the meeting.  It’s only a 60 second walk to the garages from the Library.

The main meeting officially goes from 7 to 9.  People usually start gathering about 6:30 and hang around till 9:30.  The garage is $4 for up to 3 hours, unless you get validated, in which case it’s $2.  To get validated, walk into the front door of the library, and continue into the main library.  To the left before you get to the circulation desk is the validation machine.  You must get validated before 9pm when the main library closes.  It’s probably best to do before you enter our meeting room.

There are also two nearby eVgo DC fast chargers.  Darcars Nissan has one: .  This is an official eVgo site.  The other site is at Woodley Gardens shopping center .  This place has dining, so you could eat either before or after the meeting, while charging.

Washington DC Auto Show Sign Up


The Washington Auto Show is here, Jan 23 – Feb 1.  See details at

  • Volunteer to guide the public through the exciting world of vehicles you plug in.
  • Answer questions from curious folks who may have thought about EV’s but have more questions.
  • Help to put more electrically driven metal on the road.

Sign up here.

July Meeting Location Change!

July 16 Wednesday 7 – 9 PM to be held in Virginia.

Rose Wells, long time supporter, has volunteered her wonderful solar home as a location for this month’s meeting.  I asked our ExComm what they thought. Everyone who responded thought it was a fine idea to “shake it up” a little bit and do something new, instead of always meeting at a public library in Montgomery County.

MEETING LOCATION: 5909 Calla Drive, McLean, VA 22101 (703) 538-1008

From Fairfax:  Route 66 East.  Take Exit 66 for Leesburg Pike Route 7. Turn left onto Leesburg Pike, get in the right lane.  Take the first right onto Idylwood Road, which turns into Kirby Road.  Proceed about 3 ½ miles on Idylwood/Kirby.  Turn right at the stop sign at Chesterbrook Road.  Proceed .8 miles, then turn left at Forest Lane.  Proceed .4 miles, turn right onto Calla Drive to second house on the right.

From Maryland:  Beltway toward Virginia; cross American Legion Bridge; Take exit 43-44 for George Washington Memorial Parkway.  Take Exit onto Route 123/Dolley Madison Blvd. toward McLean.  Take immediate left at the light onto Kirby Road (per the signage, you are not allowed to make this immediate left–you need to proceed a little way to make a U-turn and then turn right on Kirby Road).  Proceed 1.5 miles, then turn left at the stop sign at Chesterbrook Road.  Proceed .8 miles, then turn left at Forest Lane.  Proceed .4 miles, turn right onto Calla Drive to second house on the right.


May meeting update! Meeting to be held at Passport BMW

We have been invited out to Passport BMW for this months meeting on Wednesday May 21st, 2014. We will be able to test drive the BMW i3.  Passport is located at  4730 Auth Pl, Suitland-Silver Hill, MD 20746 and is only 2 or 3 blocks from the Branch Avenue metro designstation.

I would suggest people that want to test drive arrive earlier than normal. We plan to do the test drives through out the meeting so as to give everyone a chance to drive the vehicle. Pizza will be provided as usual.

There is one Level 2 Charger with two plugs so people feel free to drive your EVs to the meeting.

Tesla Road Trip 2014

…and a great DC Auto Show was had by all.  Thanks to all volunteers who helped.

Next, even before February’s meeting, will host a Presidents’ Day weekend (Feb. 15-17) event.  Enthusiasts from all directions will meet at Hagerstown MD, Wilmington DE, and Glen Allyn VA in “All Superchargers Lead to DC.”  The same planners drove from DC to CT last year, to debunk John Broder.  scm

This year, they’re simply celebrating a Supercharger network, down both coasts and across the nation.  A dinner, speakers, and a party will ensue in Arlington; discounted hotel rooms may still be available.  Registrants will then enjoy a tour, outings, etc.  Check, @teslaroadtrip on Twitter, or #TeslaRoadTrip2014.

…Regarding e-Biking

Don’t forget, the DC Auto Show is tomorrow through Feb. 2; we could use floor greeters.  That said, this is the Electric Vehicle Association, not Electric Car Association.  Globally, electric-assist bicycles outsell electric cars; it’s not even close (as Scott had shared).  This includes EVA member cyclists.  When vehicle and rider together are ~200 lbs, the battery’s small and many problems go away.  An ability to trip-chain on Metrobus (using the front racks) and Metrorail (outside rush hour) makes more go away.

The big issue was cost; e-bikes were over $2000.  (A good one; lead-acid models are less, but brutally heavy.)  That gets you a 50cc scooter easily, maybe a no-name 125cc.  But 2013/early ’14 show real gains.  Nissan, Chevy, Zero, and now Ford and Mitsubishi have cut prices as batteries keep advancing.riide  Riide is training a startup’s eye on the e-bike issue.

Anyone can slap a motor on a bicycle… literally, you can buy kits.  The trick is figuring out which bike parts work, which moto-parts work, and which don’t.  Figure wrong, and the thing looks slapped together.  And is still brutally heavy. Continue reading

January 2014 Minutes

Called to order 7:10, with standard room introductions and immediate pizza and drinks.

One introduction was longtime EVADC member Mindy Kimball, visiting from Phoenix.  Mindy has the only Smart ED in Arizona (brought from California)… and a utility headache, with lobbyists and astroturfers trying to beat back home solar installations.  However, she does have a Time-Of-Use rate of under a penny a kWh at night.

The Tesla Model S has become the #1 selling car in Norway.  Not #1 electric… #1 car.

Two representatives of Riide brought their prototype e-bike.  Amber Wason and Jeff Stefanis showed a running, steel prototype of their $1799 aluminum machine.  Good systems engineering means this beats e-bikes now on the market; I’ll go into more detail on that.  Riide is funded but accepting more Kickstarter contributions before production begins.  After the meeting, some took a demo ride.

Josh Goldman of the Union of Concerned Scientists spoke on their recent EV survey.  The UCS is proposing halving our oil consumption; while the improved mileage standard certainly helps, consumer adoption of EVs would save over a million barrels a day.  Not gallons, barrels.  A day.  While the limiting factor was a home parking space with outlet, that still left 42% of households EV-eligible; range is already practical now. Continue reading

2014 International Motorcycle Show

The 2014 Motorcycle Show is now running at the DC Convention Center, through 5:00 Sunday evening. The only EV manufacturer with a booth is Zero; BRD is still finalizing their Redshift, and Lightning and Mission are apparently still in custom territory. Still, Zero was well represented, with street, sport, and dirt offerings. I spoke with Mike and Kevin about 2014. Model Year 2013 saw dramatic improvements through the range, and the introduction of the FX (“stealth fighter”); this year’s crop is much less of a jump.

All models saw some improvement, but the big news is the Zero SR. While built on the S (street) platform and outwardly resembling it, the SR is no utility vehicle. The bike claims a 0-60 time in the 3 second range, sources vary. Forks and shocks are higher-spec; accordingly, the footpegs are, literally, higher.444d Continue reading