EV Deals

From time to time, EVADC hears about special deals on EV’s and plug-in hybrids, which are above and beyond the Federal and State tax credits.  To keep track of these, we’ve added a link, “EV Deals” to our menu at the top of our page.  If you’re interested in making the numbers work on a new electric beauty, these deals could really help you out.  Take a look!

Major discounts on Leafs, i3’s, Bolts and Volts

In addition to the $7500 Federal tax credit, and $3000 Maryland tax credit, Exelon (who now own Pepco, BGE and Constellation) will give you additional discounts on EV’s:

This applies to all Exelon customers!

$10000 on 2016 and 2017 Leafs

$7500 on BMW i3

$5500 on Chevy Volt

$4000 on Chevy Bolt (238 mile range!)

Hurry, the Leaf, Volt and Bolt discounts expire Sept 30, 2017 and the i3 discount expires Oct 7, 2017.

See www.ez-ev.com for details

The Climate Friendly Car Guide

Climate Central, an independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the public, has released the Climate-Friendly Car Guide, which offers an incredibly simple to use tool to figure out the six most climate-friendly cars in your particular state.

The link to Our Research gives you an informative introduction to the reports methodology, and a nice graphical representation of the generation mix state-by-state.

DC isn’t listed, but here are the results for Virginia:

and Maryland:

You can view more cars, but keep in mind that the differences between #6 and #7 on this list is minor compared to the orders-of-magnitude difference between #6 and an ICE car.

So, thank you Climate Central for creating such an easy-to-use tool.  The Union of Concerned Scientists also has a guide to help you understand the carbon impacts of electric versus gas cars, broken down by electric grid region.

and also a guide to the life-cycle emissions of EV’s versus gas cars, showing how their global warming emissions are less than half those of gas cars, even on today’s grid.