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Building your own EV can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Not only will you be a pioneer in the EV movement but you will also be recycling a car that may be headed for the junk yard. Why wait for Detroit when you can custom build an EV yourself.

This section of the EVA/DC website will guide you resources to get started in the process of building your own EV. There are many resources available to the EV builder for parts, supplies and information. Some companies offer conversion kits with all the necessary parts to build your EV except for the batteries. Most of these companies are available by phone to answer any information you may have during your project.

Conversion Parts

Component Manufacturers



Convert It
By Michael Brown with Shari Prange

Now in its third edition Convert It takes you step by step through the entire process of converting an internal combustion car to electricity. A companion video is also available. 1993, Softbound, 128 pgs.

Book is $24.95. Video is $35.00
POB 1113-W, Felton, CA 95018
Telephone: 831-429-1989, Fax: 831-429-1907
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Build Your Own Electric Vehicle
by Bob Brant

An excellent book for anyone willing to take on the challenge of building a conversion. Features an in-depth description of battery, motor, and controller technology, with helpful formulas, photos, and diagrams. 1993, Softbound, 310 pages.

TAB Books, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17294-0850
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The New Electric Vehicles: A Clean and Quiet Revolution
by Michael Hackelman

Michael Hackelman’s book features an array of EVs including conversions, solar cars, electrathon racers, boats, and even planes! The book has 272 pages filled with EV technology, color photography, and helpful construction tips.


Visit Homepower Magazine to order online or call 800-707-6585 or 916-475-0830
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