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Below is a letter sent from Jill Sorensen that details what the BEVI intern project is all about. Please refer back to the survey monkey survey when finished reading and pick Yes or No to vote.


TO:   BEVI 2014 EV summer internship Education Program (EVEP) Collaborator

FROM:  Jill Sorensen, BEVI Executive Director

RE:   Hosting your 2014 interns

Dear 2014 EVEP Collaborator,

This letter outlines what is involved in your hosting one or more Towson University summer intern(s) participating in the BEVI 2014 EV education, outreach and social entrepreneurship program (EVEP).  The objective of the 2014 summer internship program is to engage interns from local academic institutions in developing mechanisms and programs to increase electric vehicle education and adoption in the State of Maryland.  At the same time the interns will participate in learning experiences that enhance their understanding and appreciation of electric vehicles.

Internship Learning Objectives

  • ·            Develop electric vehicle educational material to help inform others about electric vehicles and EV infrastructure (where to plug in to re-fuel).


  • ·    Contribute to the MarylandEV website collaboratively with other 2014 EVEP interns and as many other “Friends” as possible, preferably students.


  • ·            Build upon core social media communication systems for community EV readiness, information, news and events


  • ·            Familiarize interns with the energy, environment, economics, educational and community service components of clean transportation alternatives


  • ·           Cultivate informed awareness and relevance of the significance of social responsibility to the environment relative to transportation choices, and help prepare for increasing electric vehicles in fleets and use in 2014.
  • ·            Gain experiential knowledge of community-based EV readiness through weekly meetings, presentations, online research and social media engagement, group discussion, EV parking and charging problem identification and problem solving.


Intern Responsibilities / Attendance Policy

The EVEP summer interns are expected to work 25 hours per week for the 8 week period of the internship.  Hours may be adapted for the intern, but should be predictable, such as Monday through Friday, noon to five pm.  In addition, interns need to be available, at a minimum, every Wednesday 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m for a group meeting [location to vary among academic institutions], or such other times and days as the group decides.  The idea is to spend some time alone doing research and writing, some time together as campus teams, and other times together as a group.  In addition there will be some scheduled field trips and community outreach activities.   Interns are expected to participate in all weekly webinars/calls, in person meetings and online communications, complete scheduled activities before they are due so that they can participate effectively in discussions and activities.

Towards the end of the season each intern will give a public presentation on their perceptions of EV and EV infrastructure opportunities and challenges as communicated to them by the community they were involved in.

2014 EVEP interns will be expected to accomplish the following:

  • Research and post on the website one EV article per week per intern for the duration of the internship, June 16 – August 8, 2014;


  • Engage social media communication campaigns to reach a minimum of 500 “Friends” of each intern on Facebook or other preferred social media for the purposes of maximizing education, outreach and idea exchange concerning electric vehicles;


  • Participate in weekly organizational meetings with all 2014 EV interns either in person at a Baltimore area location, or by video call if unable to attend in person and special EV education outings or tours, organized by BEVI;


  • Plan, script and record one EV-related video per month (June, July and August) per intern showcasing an on-campus or other EV readiness demonstration of interest, targeting 1 minute of video or less;


  • Work as teams with other interns from the host institution or sponsor to develop campus or community EV charging wayfinding, both physical signage and mobile application;


  • Develop mobile educational content (display boards, brochures, stickers, etc.) and schedule a series of summer events to which the interns take this EV education content, such as summer festivals, sustainability or green fairs, farmers’ markets, etc; target 2 summer events per intern; and


  • Brainstorm, select and develop a special 2014 project as an all-intern group project, such as an EV social enterprise, fleet study (shuttle from BWI train station to UMBC, for example), EV bike or car sharing business plan, mobile application, EV energy savings calculator, or Maryland EVSE station locator.

The 2014 summer internship will provide a paid stipend, averaging $2,500 per internship position.  Details will be clarified by the host entity upon acceptance of an applicant into the program.

We are grateful for your support of the BEVI Maryland Clean Cities Coalition 2014 EVEP summer internship program.  If you have any questions about the material presented here, or about aspects of the Program, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me.

Yours sincerely,

Jill A. T. Sorensen, BEVI Executive Director