Maryland Electric Vehicle Owners’ Survey

As many of you are aware, I have the pleasure of representing one of many viewpoints of EV drivers on the Maryland Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council.  Also on the Council is Dr. Z Andrew Farkas, Director and Professor for the National Transportation Center at Morgan State University.  The Center has put out a brief survey, gathering basic information about plug-in drivers, such as the reasons for getting a plug-in, if you charge at home, what sort of charging you do, and interfacing plug-in driving with rail commuting.  It’s purely informational and anonymous.   He mentioned that he was looking for plug-in drivers, so I thought it only natural to solicit the participation of the plug-in owner/drivers of EVADC. What follows is a brief introduction, and the link for the survey.  I’ve taken it, and is is indeed about five minutes 🙂




The National Transportation Center at Morgan State University, a Maryland transportation research organization, is conducting a study of electric vehicles, and is asking you, an owner of an electric vehicle, to participate in a five-minute online survey on your EV purchase, commuting, and preferred safety technologies.

Participation in this survey is voluntary; you are free to discontinue the online survey at any time. Survey participants must be at least 18 years old and own/lease a plug-in hybrid or plug-in battery electric vehicle registered in the State of Maryland.

All information gathered in this survey will be anonymous and confidential. Only the National Transportation Center at Morgan State University will collect the survey responses, aggregate the data and analyze results. The individual survey responses can not be identified.

If you are willing to participate, please go to or use the QR code below:

Morgan State QR





Dr. Z. Andrew Farkas

Director and Professor

National Transportation Center, CBEIS 327

Morgan State University

1700 E. Cold Spring Lane

Baltimore, MD 21251



How Big is the Tesla Gigafactory – Washington DC edition


As I write this, the Tesla Gigafactory is currently being built in the Nevada desert, near Reno.  In case you haven’t been following this remarkable project, it is to be an enormous factory for manufacturing lithium ion batteries, entirely in the 18650 cell format, which will be used in upcoming Tesla models.  In fact, by 2020, the Gigafactory alone will produce 50 GWh/year of batteries, equivalent to all current 18650 production worldwide.  I’ve also read that additional Gigafactories may be in the works.

The enormous scale of this project is one aspect that makes it so fascinating.  People all over the place are noting the factory’s gargantuan size.  In fact, when I comment on it in online articles (under the handle Leptoquark), I’ve taken to calling it the “River Rouge of batteries”, in homage to the famous Ford River Rouge factory complex in Dearborn.  When the history of our transition away from gasoline and back to electricity is written, the Gigafactory will likely have a prominent place in that history.

Recently, Zach at EVObsession wrote a piece[1] summarizing size comparisons of the Gigafactory with other large structures, including Dallas Cowboys Stadium and the US Capitol building, which got me to thinking: since so many tourists visit Washington DC every year, the spacing of the iconic landmarks on the Mall would make a good way to understand the scale of this project.

So, using Zach’s estimates of about 1100 m by 430 m for the dimensions of the building, and allowing for a surrounding parking apron matching the Tesla simulation, I created two images.  The first is a map of the Western end of the Mall, showing that the Gigafactory would fit neatly between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.  It would cover the Reflecting Pool, Constitution Gardens and the National World War II Memorial.  The green boundary is the parking apron.

The second image is the view to the West looking out of the top of the Washington Monument, which I took on a recent visit.  I’ve added the Gigafactory building outline in a perspective view.  Note especially the size of the people in the foreground.  This matches the scale of people in recent pictures[2] from Bob Tregilus of the construction site itself.

Hopefully, these images can add some perspective on what is now under way in the Nevada desert.  Or, as Dr. Morbius put it in Forbidden Planet,

“Prepare your minds for a new scale of physical scientific values, Gentlemen”.



Scott Wilson


Feb 18 EVADC Meeting at Rockville Memorial Library

The Feb meeting of EVADC will be at the Rockville Memorial Library:

Our meeting room is on the ground floor.  Walk in the front door by the skating rink, and the room is to your immediate right.

As for parking, there are meters on the street, a shopping center parking lot north of Beall Ave (free, but signed as shopping center use only, use at your own risk), or paid parking garages A and B.

The 240V charger is in Garage A (so labeled on Plugshare  This is the green garage.  If you’re not charging, use either green garage A or red garage B.  There is one J1772 in garage A and two marked spaces, so people may possibly switch the charger between cars during the meeting.  It’s only a 60 second walk to the garages from the Library.

The main meeting officially goes from 7 to 9.  People usually start gathering about 6:30 and hang around till 9:30.  The garage is $4 for up to 3 hours, unless you get validated, in which case it’s $2.  To get validated, walk into the front door of the library, and continue into the main library.  To the left before you get to the circulation desk is the validation machine.  You must get validated before 9pm when the main library closes.  It’s probably best to do before you enter our meeting room.

There are also two nearby eVgo DC fast chargers.  Darcars Nissan has one: .  This is an official eVgo site.  The other site is at Woodley Gardens shopping center .  This place has dining, so you could eat either before or after the meeting, while charging.

Washington DC Auto Show Sign Up


The Washington Auto Show is here, Jan 23 – Feb 1.  See details at

  • Volunteer to guide the public through the exciting world of vehicles you plug in.
  • Answer questions from curious folks who may have thought about EV’s but have more questions.
  • Help to put more electrically driven metal on the road.

Sign up here.

July Meeting Location Change!

July 16 Wednesday 7 – 9 PM to be held in Virginia.

Rose Wells, long time supporter, has volunteered her wonderful solar home as a location for this month’s meeting.  I asked our ExComm what they thought. Everyone who responded thought it was a fine idea to “shake it up” a little bit and do something new, instead of always meeting at a public library in Montgomery County.

MEETING LOCATION: 5909 Calla Drive, McLean, VA 22101 (703) 538-1008

From Fairfax:  Route 66 East.  Take Exit 66 for Leesburg Pike Route 7. Turn left onto Leesburg Pike, get in the right lane.  Take the first right onto Idylwood Road, which turns into Kirby Road.  Proceed about 3 ½ miles on Idylwood/Kirby.  Turn right at the stop sign at Chesterbrook Road.  Proceed .8 miles, then turn left at Forest Lane.  Proceed .4 miles, turn right onto Calla Drive to second house on the right.

From Maryland:  Beltway toward Virginia; cross American Legion Bridge; Take exit 43-44 for George Washington Memorial Parkway.  Take Exit onto Route 123/Dolley Madison Blvd. toward McLean.  Take immediate left at the light onto Kirby Road (per the signage, you are not allowed to make this immediate left–you need to proceed a little way to make a U-turn and then turn right on Kirby Road).  Proceed 1.5 miles, then turn left at the stop sign at Chesterbrook Road.  Proceed .8 miles, then turn left at Forest Lane.  Proceed .4 miles, turn right onto Calla Drive to second house on the right.


May meeting update! Meeting to be held at Passport BMW

We have been invited out to Passport BMW for this months meeting on Wednesday May 21st, 2014. We will be able to test drive the BMW i3.  Passport is located at  4730 Auth Pl, Suitland-Silver Hill, MD 20746 and is only 2 or 3 blocks from the Branch Avenue metro designstation.

I would suggest people that want to test drive arrive earlier than normal. We plan to do the test drives through out the meeting so as to give everyone a chance to drive the vehicle. Pizza will be provided as usual.

There is one Level 2 Charger with two plugs so people feel free to drive your EVs to the meeting.

EVA of DC Holiday Party Announcement


EVADC Holiday Party is on Dec. 18th, from 7pm-9:30pm. Details will be purposefully left off this public announcement.

Check your inbox for an invite and all the details to the Electric Vehicle Associations 2013 Holiday Party.  Please contact Charlie Garlow to R.S.V.P 202-564-1088 and we still need people to volunteer to help bring this event off without a hitch.  If anyone has any cooking skills please contact Charlie.

EVADC November Officer Election Results

EVADC would like to announce the following winners of the November elections.

Your 2013-2014 EVADC elected officers are as follows

President: Charlie Garlow

Vice President: Rob Neighbour

Treasurer: Scott Wilson

Secretary: Rene Carlos

Editor: Ron Kaltenbaugh

We allowed voting in person at the main November meeting and a roll call was taken, those that voted in person were not sent an e-mail invite to vote in our first online voting effort. We sent out 66 invites to vote online to those dues paying members that did not vote in person. Of those 66 we had 21 who responded and voted online.

How the vote was determined  Continue reading

November 13th, Silver Spring Meeting Agenda

Hi Electric Vehicle boosters and EVADC members,

Tonight, Wed Nov 13 is our monthly meeting of EVADC. 7 – 9 PM at the Silver SPring public library, where we frequently meet. 8901 Colesville Road, also known as Route 29, just inside the Beltway about 4 blocks and just a 4 block walk north of the Silver Spring METRO stop.
This is the 2nd Wed of the month, unlike our normal 3rd Wed of the month. I’m sorry if this causes confusion for some.

Please pass the word to your friends, listservs, etc. Invite them to join the excitement of EVs !
Pizza and beverages will be served, as usual.

Draft Agenda. I hope we get to discuss all these topics. There will be plenty of time before and after the meeting for “networking” and visiting with others.

Officer nominations/ elections. We have previously asked for nominees for our officers and will ask again at our meeting if there are any other people who would like to be nominated, or if you would like to nominate someone. So far, the following folks have been nominated:
President – Charlie Garlow
Vice President – Eric Cardwell, Rob Neighbour, Jeffrey Jacobs. Eric is currently serving as our VP, but he told us that he will be leaving for TN in the Spring.
Secretary – ? John Alder has been serving as our Secy, but it is not clear if he can attend our meetings.
Treasurer – Scott Wilson
Editor – Ron Kaltenbaugh.
We may attempt to include electronic ballots for those not able to attend in person.

Holiday party decisions. Date. Place need to be determined, SOON. Semaconnect in Bowie, MD, has graciously agreed to host us again this year. They have lots of chargers. But do we want to mix it up and go to a new location? The 3rd Wed is Dec 18.

EV DC Grand Prix high school races. Our local schools swept the national races in California, so the enthusiasm locally is building. What role does EVADC want to play? Global EEE and Nabih would like to hold the races in April this year. Location? Finances?

8 state MOU on EVs. Jill Sorensen has news and can explain what MD and other states have planned.

Charging locations/ issues. The NY Times article featuring our own Bob Bruninga.

Power of DC drag/ auto cross races. We need a trail boss.
NEDRA excitement. News from Chip.

Lessons learned from the e-Porsche meltdown

UCS happy hour in Baltimore follow up
Meet ups. other EVents
DC Auto show 2014. Who will be trail boss?
Other topics What about those burning Teslas?

See you there !!
Charlie Garlow and our merry band of volunteers.