Major Developments in Federal and Private Workplace Charging

2016-10-25_17-16-20Department of Energy efforts meant to encourage private sector workplace charging have been bearing fruit for the past few years.  This is the Workplace Charging Challenge, a component of EV Everywhere, which coordinates the overall DOE effort on electric vehicles.

Until the adoption of the FAST Act (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation) in Dec 2015, appropriated funds were specifically forbidden by GSA to be usable for the purchase or installation of workplace charging for employee use in their private vehicles.  The FAST Act has now removed that prohibition, meaning that workplace charging is now authorized, which will help with Federal Gov’t climate change goals, and further the adoption of plug-in vehicles, thereby increasing energy security, use of renewable energy, and $ savings by employees.

The White House Council on Environmental Quality has issued guidance for agencies and their Chief Sustainability Officers on how to go about setting up charging at a work site, how to survey employees, and suggestions on how much to charge (plug-in drivers are happy to pay since they still come out ahead!).


A Federal Workplace Charging Workshop was recently held in Washington DC, which brought together several agencies that have already installed workplace charging, and are leading by example, as well as CSO’s eager to learn how to implement employee charging.

Links to the workshop presentations, both guidance documents (L1 outlets and L1, L2 and DCQC EVSE’s) are on our links page in the Charging at Your Place of Work section. 


Begin by sending your name, agency and particular circumstances, i.e. you know of others wanting to charge, you’ve tried before and are at a dead-end, etc. to to be added to the ever-expanding database of plug-in driving federal employees.  Next, explore the workshop materials to start forming ideas of  how you would like to see workplace charging embodied at your work site.  You should get feedback from Workplace Charging Challenge on who to contact, who has already expressed interest, etc., which will at least get the process going.


Scott Wilson – EVADC VP

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