August 2015 Minutes

Pepco WaterShed siteAugust’s meeting was held in, around, and next to WaterShed– the University of Maryland’s 2011 entry (and eventual winner) into the DoE’s Solar Decathlon competition for efficient homes.  Pepco has since bought the home, and installed it at their Rockville site; it is now a working demo and meeting space.  It even has J1772 charging.

Ron called the meeting, but had us tour the space and ask questions for Pepco representatives Scott and TJ.  After an hour’s gawking and mingling, we reconvened.  Speaking of solar, the Tour of Solar Homes is coming just after Drive Electric Week; the guidebook for it will be out by this writing.  We’re still looking for EVers to demo at homes (your own tour stop, or please volunteer at someone else’s house).  We have found that tour guests are very receptive and quite informed, ready to converse if not buy outright.

The Greenbelt Labor Day parade is always an opportunity for us; it’s an outreach and recruitment event, a show of numbers, and simply a fun day out.  Next up will be Poolesville Day, coinciding with National Drive Electric Week for a Saturday, Sep. 19 event.  As usual, the EV parade (please be ready at 9:15) will be followed with a parked showing.  RSVP with Joyce.  For the meeting, Joyce brought Lauren and Brianna from Poolesville HS.  Their senior project is, with luck, installing charging in Poolesville.  We brought up our own experiences, and a Ford effort in Washington State.

In the present, Maryland’s “electric highway” project continues.  At least one Royal Farms has DC quick charging, free for now.  It’s a dual CHAdeMO/CCS installation, and will be $0.39/kWh when the network is fully engaged.  A Westminster Royal Farms is coming; members brought up a DC area DC tour.

Solar panels?  WaterShed is powered, heated, and dehumidified by the sun.

Solar panels? WaterShed is powered, heated, and dehumidified by the sun.

Member Pat brought up his solar carport, or rather a pergola- DC zoning allows pergolas as auxilliary structures next to residences, but not the carport with solar panels he was proposing.  But now there’s precedent.

More positively, Nabih thanked the DC government, sponsors (including Pepco), teams, and of course volunteers for a successful Global EEE EV Grand Prix.  We aired a video and passed its brochure.  A meeting will be held to discuss next year’s race venue.

Claude Willis, from similar organization Clean Cities, announced a meeting Sep. 8 to brief car dealers.  As we’ve noted in the past, many dealerships and staff are stumbling on EV-specific issues, and in some cases outright against them.  Clean Cities aims to turn that around.112063c

The big news, of course, is National Drive Electric Week (formerly National Plug In Day).  Our biggest or second-biggest production of the year, it will span Sep. 12-20 throughout the area.  If you can’t volunteer an EV to show, we can always use cheerful owners to answer questions and spread the EV grin:

  • Sep. 12: Coleman PowerSports, Falls Church VA- see Jeff
  • Sep. 12: Pepco offices, Rockville MD
  • Sep. 13: Alamo Drafthouse, Ashburn VA- see Jeff
  • Sep. 13: City Dock, Annapolis MD- see Elvia
  • Sep. 16: downtown Baltimore MD- see Jill
  • Sep. 18: MOM’s, Herndon VA- see Jeff
  • Sep. 18: MOM’s, Frederick MD- see Ron
  • Sep. 19: Poolesville MD- see Joyce
  • Sep. 19: MOM’s, Waldorf MD- see Mark of
  • Sep. 20: National Mall, Washington DC- see us

We’re going to have the entire west side of 3rd St. for the downtown DC event, and possibly a raffle and demo rides.  Show up any time from 9 to 4.  Just in time for the event, Clean Cities has installed charging on the Mall.  There’s one on Jefferson across from the Air and Space Museum, and a farther one on Madison across from the American History Museum.

Finally, we encourage solar installations for members (and nonmembers).  Stephanie continued recruiting for the Rockville solar co-op.  130 customers so far, and two installers, have gotten a great deal assembled.  In general, we are also recruiting EVADC members; have club brochures and literature handy for random encounters.

See you next meeting, and at NDEW events!

So that's what happened to CODA.

So that’s what happened to CODA.

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