2015 DC Green Festival

Don’t forget, we’re meeting this week at Rockville Library again.  Last week, though, was the Green Festival at the Convention Center.

2015 booths- Ford and BMW


The Volkswagen Group (VW/Audi/Porsche/Ducati) was a platinum sponsor by way of an ad in the show program.  Ford and BMW however had actual booths and EVs, and BMW actually let you drive one (no, not that i8).

BMW i3

You might be reluctant to pay BMW prices for a car you “haven’t even sat in yet.”  Or maybe you’ve never tried one of those newfangled electric-things.  This was your chance; you could take the i3 around a suggested Gallery Place/Shaw loop (unescorted).

Feedback was positive as far as I heard; people liked the snappy “gas” pedal, but the regenerative braking took some getting used to.  BMW tuned the regen for one-foot driving, making stop-and-go-traffic a breeze.  BMW didn’t even have a charger there; a local garage was fine overnight.

2015 nrg booth

NRG was present, but as NRG the home/commercial option, not eVgo the EV charging provider.  For the kids, there was a climbing wall, in case you didn’t want them along for the ride.

Climbing wall

2015 BMW booth- lounge area

Plenty of show booths had freebies and samples; BMW offered possibly the best of all, a place to take a load off.

Ford F-150 contest

If you think Ford’s not serious, the F-150 went aluminum for 2015, losing 700 lbs.  As around half a million F-150s are sold a year, that’s a big gain.

Convention Center Schedule

You might have needed to take a load off, to hit the next conventions on water, waste, and energy.

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