“Center for Research in Extreme Batteries”

UMD logoarmbrndSpeaking of the military- the University of Maryland and the Army Research Lab have formed the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries (CREB), and it just held its first colloquium.111144dThey’re working on lithium-sulfur cells, and solid state anodes, of course- everyone’s working on them.  But as the name implies, the Center is also studying beyond-state-of-the-art tech that’s applicable to us, and some not- niches like thermal batteries, that run a missile for a few seconds to a minute, to batteries that have to last thirty years or even longer.  And there’s the stuff the average person doesn’t see: tools and diagnostics, like battery x-rays, neutron beam scanning, and ion beam scanning.  So the next biggest presence was probably NIST.


111111z111108zThe lesson here is that low gas prices do not stop the EV tide- battery research is vital to phones, laptops, and field radios and missiles, and battery investments are not a green issue.  Unless you mean Army green, that is.

Don’t forget: you have one week to sign up for Global EEE’s 2015 EV Grand Prix, we could use volunteers for lots of stuff.  See you there!

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