March 2014 Minutes

The meeting (White Oak Library again) convened at 7:11 with pizza and drinks.  Our president, Charlie, polled the room for their EVs, and any newcomers to the group.  Again, several new faces.  Two were Chip and Craig from Eurostar Autos in Randallstown, MD, with the remaining Think EVs (of which club members own several), plus Forrest from Passport Nissan.
Your club officers were introduced, per custom.

Barbara Gonzales from Pepco spoke again, with an update on the utility’s EV pilot program.  She has already begun outreach to dealerships, to spread the word on the program and EVs in general.  Though she claims Pepco’s terms are as good as California or anywhere else, several members had big questions remaining.  The website isn’t as clear as it could have been.

Bruce then introduced Drew and John from Prospect Solar.  Prospect is pioneering distributed, fungible ownership of panels and power (“community solar“), with variants.  For instance, despite Virginia’s legislative foot-dragging, Catoctin Creek Distilling is almost entirely solar.  The obvious benefit is the ability to go solar even with a shaded house (/condo/apartment), by investing in someone else’s site.  You then get a lower monthly bill, via net metering- your home appears to have virtual panels.  Multiple renewable incentives are also virtualized among stakeholders; if you move to a different utility company, you can sell your stake.  If you move within your utility, you do… nothing at all.

Speaking of clean power, many commented on replacements for the now-defunct Clean Currents (virtual wind turbines at your home), and their faulty financial gambit.

Ron updated us on two upcoming events: the National Sustainable Design Expo and the big Science And Engineering Festival (April 25-27) could use EV owners and volunteers to speak to passers by.  Display ideas were floated, and a signup sheet was passed around the floor.  Any overflow EVs and volunteers can still do outreach at a Takoma Park event.

Longtime club members Dave and Jo then laid a massive concept on the meeting floor.  Multiple users are looking for a commercial facility.  Besides auto service and Jo’s e-bike business, EVADC itself can use the resulting space, for both group meetings and vehicle work by club members.  Two sites are in the running, with multiple levels.  An instrument (LLC, small corporation, etc.) would form, to handle ownership (including tools).  Still, plans are so early there couldn’t be much Q&A afterwards; more news to come.

Jonathan Slade and his wife Novia spoke on their EV trip and its documentary; brief clips had already been shown.  The couple drove their new, electric-only Nissan Leaf across Maryland, from Oakland to the sea, back in July 2012.  The complete documentary will air on MPT Wednesday, April 23; a preview screening will be April 9, 7:30, at the Carroll Arts Center, on Main Street, Westminster.
Bruce updated us on the rapidly-approaching EV Grand Prix, May 10.  The Udvar-Hazy Center of the Air and Space Museum in Dulles has been confirmed, as has prime sponsor Pepco (other big sponsors incoming.)  It looks like it will be a blast; if nothing else, you’ll be able to watch without the huge parking fee- Udvar-Hazy is granting us an easement.  It’s still alongside the Center’s Super Science Saturday if you’re just a casual EV supporter.

Charlie gave us a legislative update: Montgomery County passed the ticketing ordinance for ICEing an EV charging spot, as discussed last month.  Meanwhile, the club itself passed (via e-vote) a grant of $1000 for BEVI’s summer interns.

Multiple people closed out the meeting with tidbits:

-Montgomery Rockville Science Day is yet another event that needs EV enthusiasts for public outreach, April 6.
-Multiple events of EV interest are still on tap for the Fall, more details coming.
-Jeff noted an outreach project in the form of an EV coloring book, seeking funding on Kickstarter
-Scott announced that the USPTO headquarters was beginning a workplace charging program, along the lines of the NIH charging program
-Dave briefly mentioned the new Electric Car Insider’s 2014 buyers’ guide, as well as Sal Khattak’s plans on EV taxis in Baltimore
-Gabriel of College Park mentioned his EV conversion project- a van!

See you at one of the many upcoming events we’re having soon!

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