February 2014 Minutes

Good meeting turnout… despite being bumped from the Silver Spring Library, and having to head up to White Oak.  Apologies to any who had to dash, or missed it completely.  Started at ~7:30 with pizza and drinks, then introductions.  Several new faces!

77cSkipping the agenda a bit, we went straight to Tommy Heyboer and the Montgomery County legislative agenda.  Montgomery is well-represented in EVs/charge locations and isn’t waiting for Annapolis action; the committee meets Monday.  Proposals include 32-13, ticketing drivers who ICE our charging sites; stalls would be equal to handicapped ones.  Another is requiring new/redeveloped lots to have charging in at least 1 in 50 stalls.  The club floor brought up signage, homeowners’ associations, enforcement for EV conversions, and whether you actually have to be charging. 

We showed and discussed Cadillac’s ELR commercial, and whether it paints us in a positive, negative, or just weird light.

The Auto Show went well (despite short notice and thus scrambling- thanks Dave); our representation of cars and volunteers was impressive, down to our flyers.  The Clean Cities booth put our colorful and comprehensive flyer into service, and we need to print another run.  This was approved by voice.

Ken from ChargePoint mentioned their “swapout” program- installing new, 4000-series EVSEs in locations with their 2000-series chargers.  The 4000-series has better visibility, a retracting cord, and other improvements; however, it lacks a NEMA 5-20 receptacle, which e-bikes, scooters, and some motorcycles use.  More info to come.

Bill Elliott announced that the Udvar-Hazy Center in Dulles has been selected for the 2014 EV Grand Prix.  The course should work better in many ways than National Harbor was, with fewer costly barriers, though the flat site will entail bleachers.  Volunteers will almost certainly be entailed, keep May 10 open; the sponsors are also being lined up (including alternates).  Not only are about twice as many racers expected to be entered this year, but some schools will have multiple, and some are hinting at truly scratch-built EVs.  This had happened at the nationals in California.  A California team, Centennial High School, was invited to Udvar-Hazy.

On a related note, Bruce Cohen and Rose Wells spoke highly of the Hybrid-Electric Challenge in Abu Dhabi, January 30-31.  Very similar to our Grand Prix, it was also organized by Nabil Bedewi.  Unlike ours, a second day consisted of distance runs with hybrids; the students had a small generator behind the seat.  The winning team was all-female, from Qatar.

We had another legislative wrap-up.  Maryland is proposing reinstating the waiver for EV excise taxes; bills will begin debate in March.  A state EV bill will also target ICEing of EV parking, this time with towing.  The GAO still won’t allow employee charging at federal sites without a law.  Scott Wilson and Bob Bruniga are trying to invoke the DoE’s Workplace Charging Challenge.  Feds are encouraged to petition Sarah Olexsak for workplace access.  In the future, the Energy Independence Summitt in Arlington and Capitol Hill is coming March 30-April 2.  Legislators, Clean Cities, and representatives from transportation companies will attend; our access would cost $375, which could be rotated between different delegates on different days.  This was approved by voice vote.

Sal Khattak, previously attempting EV Taxicabs in Arlington, will shift to Baltimore.  He will meet with city leaders Monday, Feb. 24; call 571-494-7934 to testify.  Similarly, Rockville Science Day will be April 6, noon to 5 at Montgomery College; volunteers are solicited to promote EVs.  This has been very well received in years prior.

The prior weekend, Tesla owners (including Roadsters) met for All Superchargers Lead to DC.  Scott and Elvia report that a fine time was had, including a Mount Vernon run commemorating a similar trip with early EVs about a century ago.  In related news, Tesla is opening up more test driving; call or visit their web sites to make an appointment.

John Alder, unfortunately, was not on hand to discuss Pepco and their new EV plan.

Discussion ensued on assisting BEVI/YES.  Jill Sorensen, frequent attendee (though not this month) is soliciting funds for interns to promote EVs and other energy measures.  No decision or vote was reached; this in fact led to a discussion of club finances and goals.  The motion on the floor, for a contribution of $1000, was sent to an e-vote.  The meeting was then called at 9:15.

See you March 19!

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