Tesla Road Trip 2014

…and a great DC Auto Show was had by all.  Thanks to all volunteers who helped.

Next, even before February’s meeting, Teslamotorsclub.com will host a Presidents’ Day weekend (Feb. 15-17) event.  Enthusiasts from all directions will meet at Hagerstown MD, Wilmington DE, and Glen Allyn VA in “All Superchargers Lead to DC.”  The same planners drove from DC to CT last year, to debunk John Broder.  scm

This year, they’re simply celebrating a Supercharger network, down both coasts and across the nation.  A dinner, speakers, and a party will ensue in Arlington; discounted hotel rooms may still be available.  Registrants will then enjoy a tour, outings, etc.  Check teslaroadtrip.org, @teslaroadtrip on Twitter, or #TeslaRoadTrip2014.

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