EVADC November Officer Election Results

EVADC would like to announce the following winners of the November elections.

Your 2013-2014 EVADC elected officers are as follows

President: Charlie Garlow

Vice President: Rob Neighbour

Treasurer: Scott Wilson

Secretary: Rene Carlos

Editor: Ron Kaltenbaugh

We allowed voting in person at the main November meeting and a roll call was taken, those that voted in person were not sent an e-mail invite to vote in our first online voting effort. We sent out 66 invites to vote online to those dues paying members that did not vote in person. Of those 66 we had 21 who responded and voted online.

How the vote was determined 

Here are the voting results as tallied by the 3 person committee assigned to verify the vote, consisting of Dave Goldstein, Dave Davidson, and Mark Mercer.

Here are the final vote tallies, noting “W” for written and “E” for electronic:

President: Charlie Garlow, 18W +19E = 37 votes = Winner
Donald Duck, 1W + 1E = 2 votes
Scott Wilson, 1E

Vice President: Rob Neighbour, 8W +13E = 21 = Winner
Eric & Jeffrey, 11W + 7E = 18

Treasurer: Scott Wilson, 19W + 20E = 39 = Winner

Secretary: Rene Carlos, 11W + 21E = 32 = Winner
Bob Curry, 1W + 1E = 2 votes
Jeffrey Jacobs, 1W

Editor: Ron Kaltenbaugh, 19W + 19E = 38 = Winner

We congratulate all our winners!

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