EVADC meeting is Wed Sept 11, not Sept 18 at Silver Spring public library

Dear Electric Vehicle fans and members of EVADC,
My apologies for the confusion about meeting dates for this month of September.
Normally, we hold our meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, but in the case of September, we had reserved the SECOND Tuesday, Sept 11, tomorrow, as the time when the Silver SPring library had a room available for us.  We made these reservations six months ago, and I just forgot, so I am sending you this notice of meeting a little later than I would prefer.
EVADC Meeting will be held TOMORROW, Sept 11, 2013, not Sept 18,  at the usual time 7 – 9 PM with plenty of time before and afterwards for networking/chatting.
Location” Silver Spring public library, where we frequently meet. 8901 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD, just a few blocks inside the Beltway, south on Colesville Road, aka Rt 29 exit from the Beltway.  Or just 5 blocks walk north from the Silver Spring METRO stop.
Draft Agenda:
1. National Plug in Day. Saturday and Sunday Sept 28 and 29. Finalize details/arrangements.  Discuss the generous $6,000 grant from Nissan to promote NPID, and how we should spend it.  I hope that we can have a vote on this financial transaction at the meeting, to be followed by electronic voting by those who could not attend in person.  We have not done electronic voting yet, so this will be a good chance to decide on which system to experiment with and try it out.  Both Yahoo and Survey Monkey have been suggested.  We need a better software package to manage our members list.
2. Labor Day Parade. John Lippert and others in attendance will tell us how that went.
3. Tour of Solar Homes coming up Oct 5 & 6.  Who can show their EV at a solar home?
4.  EV Grand Prix.  Bruce Cohen will tell us about his extra efforts trying to find funding for the high school teams to go to California.  We thank you Bruce for your valiant efforts.
5.  Charlie’s e-Porsche had a melt down. Lessons learned.
6. Meetups. How did they go?
7. Chip Gribben’s lithium battery purchase.
8. Power of DC.
9. Bryan Murtha has resigned as our Treasurer after 6 years of service. Thank you, Bryan.  He recognizes that we have a lot of new members with lots of energy and seeks to pass the baton.  Who would be willing to take on these duties, and how do we decide if we have more than one volunteer?  It needs to be someone who attends regularly and who is dependable and good with numbers.
10.Other agenda items that may occur to us.
See you tomorrow !
Charlie Garlow, President, EVADC and all the dynamite volunteers we have who make our EVADC strong.

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