August Meeting Minutes

EVADC General Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2013

White Oak Public Library, Silver Spring


Poolesville Green Day will be held on September 21 and 10 EVs are needed. Contact Joyce if you can participate.

This year’s Solar Tour will be held on October 5-6.

EV Taxis: They are now working on the infrastructure but this is controlled by the Public Service Commission in Maryland. They will know early next year how much they will be able to do. In Baltimore the staff reported to the commission on taxis but gave a bad report. The taxi folks have made presentations in Baltimore and they have engaged a lobbying law firm. It seems like the politicians are for it, but not staff. They also plan to go back to Arlington in about eight months. They are using Leafs only and have a partnership with a charging company. They want the city to install curbside chargers that are dedicated to EVs and are willing to pay for the chargers.

EV Grand Prix: One of our members is raising funds to send the three winning teams to the nationals in California, which will be held as part of the Solar Decathlon. Each time has about 10 people. The total cost per team would be about $10,000 and each student and chaperone must put in $1500 of their own funds. The money must be raised in September as the event is in October.

Icing Blink has several versions of signs or leave behinds.

Jeff has created a wall of shame with photos and has found that sometimes garage staff put their own cars in the charger spaces in order to save them for the EVs.


Electronic Voting

There was a question as to how many people in the room are members. Twenty-five hands went up.

There was discussion about the pros and cons of voting electronically and whether this is an issue that requires a third of the members to vote on it if “25% of those present find the issue controversial.

Robs presented his proposal and said that is thee “what” while “how” we do it should come out of a committee.

Annual elections are held every November. Balloting is to be supervised by a group of three with at least one who is not a member of the Board over a minimum of three days.

Eric said electronic voting will not be the only way to vote; this will be a good way to take care of urgent business in between meetings when a decision can’t wait a month.

Rob said it will get more people interested in the issues.

It was suggested that Chip could advise on how to do the electronic voting.

A committee at the last meeting to advise on this; Eric heads is and will report. Chip is on it as well. Who else?

Eric said he has this initiative going on and is working on members only page on our website.

He will have a member list and a non member list. Rob said cant use the the list serve for this.

Scott asked procedural questions.

Dave said the devil is in the details and that this will really slow things down by three days and that there are notification problems.

As of now the appointment of committees is solely up to president.

Someone else said electronic voting precludes the discussion and presentation of arguments pro and con. We need to be careful what we propose putting out electronically. Some things are ok, like voting on officers.

Someone asked if we have electronic voting, we should have electronic meetings.

There was a suggestion that things can be discussed on Facebook but our Facebook page can’t be kept private.

Dave said the alternative of three days is too long in waiting until the next monthly meeting and worried that the Board may make decisions that are controversial or fundamentally against the bylaws.

Last comment from Eric: The President has lots of power already. The issue is about the three days. Dave said he is comfortable a maximum of six days, not a minimum of three days.

Rob amended his proposal to say a maximum of three days. It was seconded.

There was a suggestion to make the three days a guideline only.

Discussion was closed for now.

Someone read from the bylaws which say that if an issue is “controversial or fundamental” 25% of the members present must vote.

Seven people said that Rob’s motion is controversial; only three said no so the group was free to vote on Rob’s motion which was amended to say the minimum time for electronic voting is 24 hours and the maximum is three days.

What the members voted on: “Electronic voting time begins a minimum of 24 hours from the end of meeting; the club will hold elections in November for the board’s officers who will then determine when future elections will take place; Club members must vote on aggregate expenditures of more than $500/year.”

The motion passed by 19 votes.


National Plug In Day

Jeff said the Maryland Volt group is working with MOMs for free t-shirts for all six events with sponsorships being sold. The Platinum level is sold out. Gold level is $50. Participants must regisfer at by September 1 or by email to with location aftending & t-shirt size. Participants are Maryland Volt group,  EVADC, BEVI, and the EV Institute.

Nissan will provide 100 giveaways for each location. Sema Connect will provide charger passes. Bosch will provide one charger station as a giveaway.

Saturday, September 28 is our regional event, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Timonium, College Park, Waldorf, and Herndon, all at MOMs locations.

There will also be events in DC and Baltimore on Sunday. In DC it will be at the Botanical Garden, not on Third Street. They are working on that with Mikulski’s office. Charlie will get the needed permit. Some participants may offer ride & drives.


Scott then gave a fascinating slide show of his recent trip to China.


The Power of DC Committee is still looking for a location, maybe a mall parking lot, for this autocross event. Five people participated last year and each paid $100. Lanny has some ideas about companion events.


The meeting ended at approximately 9 p.m.

Submitted by Elvia Thompson

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