July Meeting Minutes

    Floor motions moved: Motions carried:
Meeting Date: 7/17/2013    
Meeting Location: Luther Jackson Middle School    
Meeting Start time: 19:15:00    
Meeting officiant: Charlie Garlow    
Number in Attendance: 26 Active Members    
Agenda items of note: Meet new folks    
  Rob’s Show and Tell Level 2 chargers    
  Eric talks about Spark EV, 500e, and Hond Fit EV    
  Solar Bikes    
  Green Commuter    
  Charlie Address memberhsip voting    
  Voting Rules According to Rob, Proposal to discuss online voting for August meeting Motion to allow Online Voting, Rob N., Seconded Michael C. Quorum of ⅓ not satisfied (26 out of 81 at highest count)
  Dave G. on Bylaws, Proposal for Bylaws change committee    
  Treasurer’s Report    
  Solar Tour and National Plug-In Day    
  Solar Winery    
  NationalPlug In Date Saturday; MOMs in Timonium, and a couple other Maryland locations, none in Virginia for some, unknown reason    
  4th July Parade Mentioned    
  YES Core Mentioned    
  Fast Charging Mentioned but not elaborated    
  Suggest Barbecue Picnic; suggested for MD Volt group    
  Current state of the Aztec sale discussed. Motion to purchase charger for Aztec for $400, Eric C, seconded by ??? Motion carried with all Ayes and no discernible Nayes.
EV related Events: Proposed/Discussed: Power of DC committee established    
  National plug in Day discussed    
  Future Meetup meetings discussed    
  Solar Home tour mentioned    
  Labor day EV’s in parades mentioned    
Votes proposed on items over $500:      
Report of previous Votes (Decisions) passed or Failed for over $500: Bob B.’s Travel Expenses to be reimberssed    
  EV Grand Prix payments discussed    
Meeting end time: 21:35    
Next meeting: Silver Spring    

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