EVADC June 19 meeting. Silver Spring library. 7 – 9 PM

Dear fans of Electric Vehicles and EVADC members,

Wed June 19 is our June monthly meeting and it promises to be a hot one. 7 – 9 PM at the Silver Spring MD public library, 8901 Colesville Road, aka Route 29, just south of the Beltway and just a few blocks north of the Silver Spring METRO stop.
Pass the word to your friends, neighbors and email lists.
Bring a friend or two. Drinks and beverages will be available, as usual.

Here is our draft agenda, so far. Thanks to Dave Goldstein for helping to put it together.

1. EV Grand Prix, race results, finances and video. There are a bunch of drinks and snacks left over from the Grand Prix. Please bring $20 cash to buy a case or two of soda or gator aide or water or a big box full of smaller chips bags. Help us move this stuff and improve the cash balance from the Grand Prix.
Here is some nice media coverage from WTOP. http://www.wtop.com/52/3360520/No-running-in-these-halls-but-driving-OK
2. Power of DC: Drag races. Will we have one this summer? Volunteers?
3. Sociability Run results: Most EVs EVer!
4. Crystal City Car Show: How did we do? Eric Cardwell, trail boss, gives us the word.
5. EDTA Ride & Drive, firsthand reports
6. MD EV Hearing: Time of Day Rates for EV Drivers? Who testified? Paul?
7. National Plug-in Day Plans 9/28-29. MOM’s and how many locations? Joe Lado?
8. Possible guest speaker, TBA
9. Where will next EVA/DC meeting be held? VA?
10. Charlie’s e-Porsche solar panels and new graphics. Thanks to Chip Gribben, graphics, and Sign-a-Rama.
11. Junior Solar Sprint races. Thanks to Dennis Dineen for help with judging. Here is TV coverage.

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