EVA/DC Meeting Minutes, March 20, 2013

EVA/DC Meeting Minutes
March 20, 2013, 7 – 9 PM
Silver Spring Library

  1. Introductions.  Approximately 50 people in attendance, many new faces and new EVs, including a Ford C-MAX Energi and a 2013 Leaf.
  2. Sport Chevrolet provided a nice overview of the Chevy Volt, and answered many questions.  Also discussed were other upcoming GM EVs including the Cadillac ELR and Chevy Spark EV.  Sport offered to host an upcoming meeting.  Thanks Sport!
  3. Request to clarify GAO decision (Scott).  Bob B., Charlie and Scott met with Alex Stern of Senator Mikulski’s office, to ask that Sen. Mikulski formally request that the GAO revisit its ruling that appropriated funds cannot be used to purchase electric vehicle charging stations, nor setup a program allowing the reimbursement of funds from private parties for charging stations and electricity.  The requested clarification is that the ruling does not apply to 120V convenience outlets and existing federal agency reimbursement procedures.  EV owners are happy to pay for their electricity usage.  Alex Stern agreed to pass a copy of EVA/DC’s drafted letter to Senator Mikulski, for additional consideration.
  4. Management meeting.  There will be an upcoming EVA/DC management meeting, which will discuss the organization’s tax status, bylaws, organization, web site, listserv, signup process, notifications, finances and other issues.  All EVA/DC members are welcome to attend.  Date and location TBD, target early-mid April.  Contact Eric C. for details.
  5. Takoma Park charging – the group is somewhat surprised that there are no charging stations in Takoma Park, which would be a great location to have a station. Perhaps local merchants, such as the Green Commuter, should be approached for their support.
  6. SCCA race.  The Sports Car Club of America is interested in an EV division for an upcoming Time, Speed and Distance (TSD) event.  At least three EVs are needed to participate.  The event will be April 26 in Ellicott City.  Contact Lanny for details.
  7. EV Grand Prix.  Dave G. reported progress on the upcoming EV Grand Prix.  Nabil Bedewi is organizing this event, which will be held June 15 at a location TBD.  The goal is to get the most miles out a charge. Racing rules from electrathon will be used.  The high school teams are looking for mentors, contact Dave G.  There are ten high schools participating, including:
    1. Wheaton H.S.
    2. Phelps School of Architecture and Engineering
    3. Sidwell Friends
    4. School without Walls (at GWU)
    5. Clarksburg H.S.
    6. Hereford H.S.
    7. High Point H.S.
    8. Sandy Spring Friends
    9. Warwick H.S., in Virginia
    10. Rowante H.S., near Tidewater, Virginia
  8. VA registration increase – registration of hybrid vehicles in Virginia is about to be increased by $100, pending the signature of Gov. McDonnell.
  9. MD tax credit expired – the Maryland incentive of up to $2000 off the excise (sales) tax of the purchase of a new EV has expired.  Hopefully this will be renewed in an upcoming legislative session.
  10. Previous Events
    1. Davidsonville Expo.  This was the 5th annual Davidsonville Green Fair.  Elvia coordinated the EV organization.  Dave D., Dennis, Bryan and Scott brought cars.  The event went well.
    2. Gaithersburg H2O Summit.  Dave G. reported on this summit, which included Leafs and Volts and had participation from Criswell.  The event went well.
  11. Upcoming Events
    1. MD Volt meetup, April 6, at Walgreens on Connecticut Ave. near Van Ness Metro.  Come see the only ChaDEmo DC fast charge station within hundreds of miles!  See http://www.mdvolt.org/ or contact Lanny.
    2. Tesla informal meetup, April 7 at the Half Note Lounge in Bowie.  Contact Eric M.
    3. U.S. PTO Green Fair, April 11, 10-2 at PTO HQ.  Looking for vehicles and volunteers.  See http://evadc.org/events/event/u-s-pto-green-fair/ or contact Eric C.
    4. EPA National Sustainable Design Expo & P3, April 18-19 on the National Mall.  Looking for vehicles and volunteers.  See http://evadc.org/events/event/epa-p3-2013-national-sustainable-design-expo/ and contact Joe L.
    5. U.S. Geological Survey Earth Day, April 23 10:30 – 2:00 at USGS HQ in Reston.  See http://evadc.org/events/event/u-s-geological-survey-earth-day/ or contact Bruce L. for details.
    6. Rockville Science Day.  April 28 at Montgomery College in Rockville.  EVADC has supported this for many years, and this is a well-attended event, especially fun for kids.  Looking for vehicles, volunteers and a trail boss.  Contact Charlie.
    7. Loudon County Earth Day, April 28 from 10-4.  Looking for Chevy Volts. Contact Bruce L.
    8. Electric Sociability Run, May 27 (Memorial Day) in DC.  See www.pluginrally.org or contact Lanny.
    9. Fairfax County, June.  TBD.  Contact Dennis.

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  1. Could someone send me the name of the EV-Go rep..who gave the presentation
    at Bertucchi’s gathering early this month. We are interested in the Quik Charge
    Station they are planning to install in Clarendon.

    Thanks and regards, Len Funk

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