EVA/DC Meeting Minutes, January 16, 2013

EVA/DC Meeting Minutes

 January 16, 2013

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Silver Spring Library

  1. Introductions
  1. Jill Sorensen (BEVI) updated us on the status of the YES Corp, a summer intern program for college students.
  1. Charlie Garlow discussed the junior solar sprints. The next competition will be at Dunloring Middle School in Va.
  1. The gentleman from Estonia told us about his company called “Park Now” which allows users to pay for parking and EV charging via their cell phones.
  1. Michael Krauthamer explained the eVgo charging network. Focus on L3 charging. First station in the area at Van Ness metro will open in three weeks.
  1. Bob Bruninga stated the BW Medical Center has added four L1 charging stations.
  1. Dave Goldstein and Eric Cardwell appealed to the club for cars to be shown in the DC Auto Show.
  1. Jill Sorensen announced the Baltimore Auto Show and stated that Motor Trend is sponsoring an EV ride and drive.
  2.  Dave Goldstein suggested that the club sell the Aztec. Members agreed. Bryan Murtha will contact an interested party from MIT. If they cannot work out a deal, the Aztec will list on ebay.
  1. Elvia Thompson announced the Davidsonville Green Expo; appealed to the club to provide vehicles.
  1. Lanny Hartmann announced the next MD Volt Meetup.
  1. Jeffrey Jacobs announced the EVA/DC February meeting will be held in Dunloring, VA.
  1. Jeffrey Jacobs announced that club members are putting a bulk purchase together for a home made SOC meter for the LEAF ($60-$90).

Minutes submitted by:
John Alder

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