Bryan’s Tesla Model S

EVA/DC member Bryan Murtha was one of the first people to reserve a Tesla Model S. He put down a deposit to reserve a car three and a half years ago. On December 18, 2012 the car finally arrived. Congratulations Bryan!  PhotosVideo.

3 thoughts on “Bryan’s Tesla Model S

  1. I initially learned of the Tesla Model S at one of the first EVA/DC meetings that I attended several years ago. Eric (the previous commenter) had ridden in a very early Tesla sedan prototype and told us about the huge touch screen with Google maps, the panoramic glass roof, battery configuration, etc. The car sounded like a dream.

    I’m happy to see that the dream is now a reality. It’s great to see early EV believers like Bryan, who have been driving electric vehicles for many years, behind the wheel of Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. Members of EVA/DC have long been on the cutting edge!

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