Arlington County Board Votes Against Electric Taxicabs

The members of the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, DC have expressed disappointment in the Arlington County Board decision to disapprove what would have been the nation’s first all-electric taxi fleet. Despite the recommendation of County Manager, Barbara Donnellan and county planning staff, the board voted 3 to 2 against approving 40 certificates for EV Taxicabs, LLC.

EVA/DC Vice President Eric Cardwell said, “the Arlington county board missed out on a great opportunity to have a private company install a massive electric vehicle charging network with no cost to the tax payer. This could have solved all of the board’s chicken and egg questions. Personally as an Arlington resident, I am disappointed that the board lacked the foresight to make Arlington county the electric vehicle destination that it has the potential to be!”

EVA/DC President Emeritus Dave Goldstein added, “Arlington County just blew an opportunity to become one of the high tech destinations in America.”

2 thoughts on “Arlington County Board Votes Against Electric Taxicabs

  1. Surely this is only the first volley. Surely this opportunity to rally ’round for an all-electric taxi fleet won’t be the last. I am an EV owner, and never heard of this initiative. With more of us EVes on board, perhaps we can bulldoze it through with more of our voices and votes.

  2. Arlington County should absolutely re-consider this error. As a wealthy urban county, Arlington is leading in a number of initiatives, this is one where Arlington could ultimately take a step towards an all Electric/Hybrid public sector.

    Arlington pioneered in having Hybrid taxi service it would be wonderful to have
    a electric taxi fleet with the rest being plug ins

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