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We have a chance to see an all-EV cab company operate in the greater Washington, DC region. The Arlington County Board of Supervisors will decide whether to award 40 taxicab operating certificates to EV Taxicabs at the November 17th Board meeting:

17 November 2012 at 18:30
#1 Courthouse Plaza
2100 Clarendon Boulevard
Room 307
Arlington, VA

Members of EVA/DC plan to support EV Taxicabs‘ bid to add 40 100% Electric Nissan LEAF vehicles to the taxis operating in Arlington, County.  Their proposal received the highest rating of all from the County Manager’s 2012 Taxicab Certificates Application Report with a score of 84.  And if they do get the certificates to operate, it will benefit many EV drivers because EV Taxicabs plans to build the region’s first CHAdeMO DC fast charging station on Columbia Pike near Bailey’s Crossroads!

Unfortunately, EV Taxicabs’ proposal has run into a roadblock with the failure to secure the recommendation of the Arlington County Transportation Commission.  We hope to help convince the Arlington County Board that the concerns of the Transportation Commission are based on incomplete information in a way that only we, experienced EV drivers know. You can read more on my lengthy open letter to the board or hear me speak it tonight.

Join members of EVA/DC by writing a letter or speaking in support of EV Taxicabs at the Arlington County Board Meeting.

2 thoughts on “Support EV Taxicabs in Arlington

  1. Thanks Lanny! And now since my letter is long I’ve spend another hour or so converting all hyperlinks to footnotes and citations and printed and since it in octuplicate for the board as per the instructions in Lanny’s note. Keep in mind though that as I’m submitting it in writing I have to scramble now to come up with something else to say because I’m not allowed to rehash written materials per se.

    And an official EVA/DC speaker can have 5 minutes but as per my previous comment about new material I don’t think I could spontaneously go that long.

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