Nissan LEAF Wins the Autocross in 2012 Power of DC

Negotiating the course at FedExField SCCA Solo Autocross, EV division.

Ken Barbour driving a black 2012 Nissan LEAF SV edged out Bryan Murtha in his gray 2011 Chevy Volt by 0.326 sec. to win the 2012 Power of DC autocross event. Joe Lado came in third driving a red 2011 Volt. Other EV racers were Ken Clayton with his electric 33 Ford Coupe and Alan Arrison in his Chevy S10 electric.

7 thoughts on “Nissan LEAF Wins the Autocross in 2012 Power of DC

  1. What? No Th!nks were in this race!? Our Lanny Hartmann could have smoked any competitor! I defy him to prove me wrong! BTW, I remember Ken Barbour from long ago; think he can show his ├╝ber-fast Black-without-go-faster-stripes LEAF at the next MD Volt/Capital LEAFs meetup?

    • Doron, one unfortunate effect of the rain was the 33 Coupe skidding on wet pavement into the curb at the finish and damaging that beautiful front grill. There was a second round of four runs later in the afternoon on dryer pavement with the cars turning in their fastest times of the day.

  2. Th!nks don’t like to be abused. They are plastic and might break :-)

    Ken is from New Jersey, so unlikely he will be able to make a Volt Meetup.

  3. Hello guys. If you had a meetup at white marsh on a Sunday, I could come. But we would have to find enough to talk about for a few hours while my Leaf charges up. I miss the Mini E sometimes. It fully charged in 2.5 hours, the Leaf 6 hours. Thanks for a great event. I had a blast even in the rain.

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