EVA/DC Meeting Minutes, August 15, 2012

Doron Shalvi briefs the club on the new charging stations at NIH

About 25 people attended the EVA/DC meeting held on August 15, 2012 at the Silver Spring Library. Many of the attendees arrived in electric vehicles and the parking lot was full of Chevy Volts, Nissan LEAFs and a few other EVs. One person reported that he is expecting delivery of a Zero electric motorcycle within a few days. Another has a Tesla Model S scheduled to be delivered in October and shared his experience trying to find an insurance company willing to insure it.

Lanny Hartmann reported on the MD Volt Meetup at FedExField that was organized by Mark Czajka and hosted by Phil Ovitt of NRG Energy. 27 people and 21 electric vehicles came to the event and all ten eVgo charging stations were used.

Eric Cardwell gave the group his evaluation of the Ford Focus Electric that he drove at the MD Volt Meetup. He had driven a pre-production version in 2010 and he is impressed with the improvements Ford has made since then. Eric also wrote a Ford Focus Electric review.

Chip Gribben gave us the details on the upcoming 2012 Power of DC.

Joe Lado updated us on plans for National Plug In Day in front of the Capitol Building on September 23.

Jill Sorensen spoke about BEVI’s participation in the Maryland Customer Investment Fund (CIF) hearings.  BEVI submitted a proposal to fund electric vehicle fleet and infrastructure development in Maryland as part of the $113.5M available as a result of the Exelon merger with Constellation Energy Group.  BEVI’s was the only transportation-related proposal out of the 98 that the Public Service Commission received in response to its request for proposals.  Though the BEVI proposal was Not Recommended for funding, Jill reported that BEVI is pursuing its appeal to include transportation in how we define clean energy and energy efficiency, particularly through EVs and renewable energy sources that can power our EVs.  Click here to read Jill’s PSC Statement.

John Lippert is again organizing the Green Transportation Rally section of the Greenbelt Labor Day Parade. He said there are plans to include two Fisker Karmas

 in the parade.

Elvia Thompson told us of plans for EV Days in Annapolis. Volunteers who can bring cars on Saturday September 15 should contact Elvia. starboard@annapolisgreen.com

Katherine Arredondo, karredondo@cleancurrents.com Director of Solar PPA at Clean Currents gave a presentation about green energy solutions for powering electric vehicles.

An announcement was made about a grand unveiling of charging stations for PMI Parking garage in Crystal City. The event will be sometime in September, possibly the 9th or 16th.

Doron Shalvi talked to the group about a pilot program at NIH to install charging stations to encourage commuters to use electric vehicles.

Dave Goldstein gave us an update on EV policy issues including a vote in U.S. Congress on a tax credit for certain electric vehicles and a General Motors plan to study Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology.

Submitted by Lanny Hartmann

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