EVA/DC Meeting Minutes, July 18, 2012

EVA/DC Monthly Meeting held on July 18, 2012 at White Oak Library in Silver Spring, MD.

Jill Sorensen, jatsorensen@gmail.com Baltimore Electric Vehicle Initiative’s executive director, came out to talk about Maryland’s Youth Energy Service (YES) Corps internship program. Sorensen is the internship coordinator of 21 participants in the first year of the six week program. Interns are from Charles, Baltimore and Howard counties, Baltimore city, and are all high school and college age. Students are working on various projects, including developing posters promoting EV awareness and helping to plan a route across the country for an electric car to travel from the West to the East Coast and charge along the way. At the end of the program, students will receive a $500 stipend. If your company might be interested in hosting one or two interns next summer, visit www.b-evi.net/yes-corps/ or contact Jill jatsorensen@gmail.com.

Eric Rees, erees@atrcorp.com COO & CFO of Advanced Technology & Research Corp., gave a presentation about their Solar Power Pole with EV Chargers. ATR started as a robotics and automation engineering company 35 years ago, focusing on DoD, Postal Service and Commercial Customers. Today they have added solar and wind turbine products to their offerings. Of note are their sun-tracking solar products. One of these EV charging stations is based not far from White Flint Mall near a bank in Bethesda. Solar tracking chargers are 30-45% more efficient than solar canopies. For more information, visit www.atrsolartech.com. PowerPoint PDF

Robert Atkins, ratkins@evatran.com Co-Founder of Evatran, LLC, gave a presentation about their Plugless Power EV charging system. The system uses a centuries-old concept called inductive power transfer – the same technology used in both household products and electrical transformers around the world. Using magnetic fields, energy is transferred from the transmitting coil in the parking pad and converted into an electrical current by the receiving coil in the vehicle adapter. This system is currently being tested and will be available for the Volt and Leaf. Atkins said that Plugless Power technology has achieved over 90% efficiency as measured from your home’s 208/240V electrical outlet to your vehicle’s existing on-board battery charger. For more information, visit www.pluglesspower.com.

Al Lococo, the Secretary of both the Central Florida EVA and the Sun Coast EVA was a guest at our meeting. He came to the meeting in his Nissan LEAF that he brought all the way from Florida via the AutoTrain. Al gave out a few copies of his book, Turning Point in History, about Energy and Transportation and how they affect many areas of our lives. The book can be downloaded free from his website, www.evprogress.org

Submitted by Mark Czajka.

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