National Plug-In Day 2011

UPDATE: Plans for 2012 National Plug In Day
EVADC’s own Joe Lado [way to go, Joe!] is working to organize this year’s National Plug In Day celebration. National Plug In Day is an event organized by the Sierra Club, Plug-In America and the Electric Auto Association, of which EVADC is a chapter, to celebrate and encourage people to use plug-in electric vehicles in an environmentally beneficial way. We need you to be involved in National Plug In Day in Washington, DC. Last year we had Gina Coplon-Newfield, Sierra Club’s national coordinator for plug-in electric vehicle initiatives help organize and speak at our event. This year we are looking forward to having much greater participation by the local plug-in vehicle owners and community as a whole.
Click here for a message from Joe.

– Charlie Garlow, President, EVA/DC

2011 National Plug In Day:
What a great time we had this weekend at the National Plug In Day on the Capitol Mall at 3rd and Pennsylvania Ave NW. It was an unprecedented nationwide observance drawing global attention to the environmental, economic and other benefits of plug-in electric vehicles through simultaneous events staged in at least twenty major cities nationwide.

See the National Plug-In Day Photostream:

EVA/DC brought along great cars, and e-bikes/e-scooters, and great people joined the great weather. Does it get any better than this? Three Volts, one LEAF, one Smart, one Solar Prius, one RAV4EV, one Tesla, one BMW Z3 EV, one Chevy S-10, two Vectrixes [Vectri?], two A2B e-bikes. Phil’s three wheel leaning trike, other leaning e-trikes, what else did I forget? Oh, and the honky tonk band, the Capitol Hillbillies on piano, harmonica and guitar.

Thanks to Joe Lado for taking the lead on planning the event.

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