EVA/DC at the 2011 Washington DC Auto Show

EVA/DC’s EV display at the 2011 DC Auto Show

January 29, 2011 – EVA/DC was at the Washington DC Auto Show this year with a irridescent green-blue Tesla Roadster, Electric RAV-4 EV, Electric Fiero, brand new 2011 Smart Electric and a Plug-In Solar Prius. The show runs through February 6. The vehicles were driven to the show under their own power during the January 26 snowstorm that hit DC, except for the new electric Smart car that was shipped from the factory to the show. We didn’t want it to get the new paint job dirty.

Mark Mercer and his electric Fiero and Rob Neighbour’s RAV-4 EV

Mindy Kimball and her new 2011 Smart Electric

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